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The Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management program aims to provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills in the hospitality and tourism industries, as well as to lay the groundwork for undergraduate studies in related fields. The program also aims to improve students' employability by offering on-the-job training opportunities through industrial attachments, where students will be able to apply their knowledge in the workplace.


The Diploma in Retail and Sales Management is specifically designed to provide learners with the knowledge they need to succeed at the managerial level in the retail industry. This course will teach you the skills and knowledge needed to run a retail business. Throughout the qualification, learners are expected to demonstrate interpersonal, self-study, research, and presentation skills.


This Diploma programme aims to provide aspiring students with the knowledge and skills needed to work as accounting or finance professionals in any sector of public or private organizations, as well as to promote graduates to relevant bachelor degree programs in Accounting and/or Finance at universities around the world.


The Diploma in Business Management covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required for effective and efficient business management, such as business communication, management, marketing, and human resource management; skills required to be a valuable employee in a business setting. The course is designed in such a way that students will gain knowledge of both local and international business management through the use of both theories and case studies.


The Diploma in Music Performance & Creative Arts is a program for aspiring musicians. The Diploma programme's courses are intended to serve as a springboard into the creative industry. The student is taught skills that are applicable to the needs of the industry. Our courses emphasize REAL practical learning experiences coached and delivered by award-winning music producers, artists, musicians, and educators.


The Diploma in Information Technology program provides an introduction to the field of information technology. Students will gain the necessary practical skills for today's computing and information processing industries.
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An Introduction to SEH (singapore education hub)

Education has remained one of humanity's most noble and time-honored practices. A good education opens the door to the limitless career opportunities available in the workplace and leads to a successful career and a fulfilling personal life.

Many changes have occurred as the demand for education has increased. Many Asian countries are now witnessing the unprecedented phenomenon of education going global. More students and working professionals are taking courses and studies outside of their home countries.

Singapore has long been at the forefront of education and professional development for both domestic and international students. Foreign students and foreign-institutions affiliated centers have also increased in number. There has been an increase in the number of courses and study programs available in recent years

SEH (Singapore Education Hub) recognizes these students' and institutions' needs and aspirations. That is why we were founded to provide Educational Professionals & Academic Link services and assistance to help you achieve your service education goals. We specialize in providing education-related services to ensure the success of your life education investment.

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